The 1970s

With the 1970s series, it's deja vu all over again as the comics are re-issued for the third time (and more, later in the decade). The 'D' designation in the code number has been dropped. The codes now start with the year of release. Another difference is most of the individual series have expanded from 42 to 45 comics and generally the numbering is now continuous from one set to the next. Throughout the decade the individual comic 'values' increase in worth towards prizes. For variation collectors, most of the sets have alternate versions to chase after.

I've extended this section into 1981 as the dividing point for good reason: the 81 series marks the last appearance of the original Bazooka Joe and his gang. Next time we see the comics, Joe has a new gang! They are completely revamped. But in the meantime ...

"Whole Number" series
'Cherry' version

"Whole Number" series
'Grape' version
This very unusual series seems to fit between D-10 and the 71 series. For lack of a better name, I call it the "Whole Number" series. I'm open to suggestions. The set contains 45 comics ranging from #271-315. Where did Topps pull those numbers from? It's an anomaly. All comics are reprints from earlier 'D' series. The most distinguishing feature is all comics are found in both pink and purple versions that correspond with Cherry or Grape Bazooka bubble gum.

71 series

72 series

73 series
The 71 series is notable as it has now been expanded from 42 to 45 comics and the size of the comics has gotten slightly smaller. Also worth mentioning, this now begins the phase where the comics are being reprinted for the third time. There are no variations. Notable features of the 72 series include: "Learn Spanish" and "Learn French" comics (10 of each) presented in a vertical, single panel format. A few of those jokes are actually new! The numbering now continues from where the previous series left off. Very similar to the 72 series in format. There are twenty more "Learn French" and "Learn Spanish" comics. The numbering continues from the previous series which is handy. New with this series: 'Value 2' appears for the first time on one later version of the press run.

75 series

77 series

77 value 10 series
The comics return to an all horizontal format as "Learn Spanish" and "Learn French" has been dropped. The main variation found in the 75 series is a 'grape' version exists. Each comic can be found with up to 3 different prizes offered. The run of consecutively numbered comics ends here at #225. Note the fortune printed on the left side. This is not really the first 'Value 10' comic since the 'Dollar size' comics had been value 10 earlier. A grape version exists.

79 series

80 series

81 series
Being somewhat larger, this set has dropped from 45 comics to 39. Also, note the first 'Value 3' designation. These are the same comics as the 79 series, minus 3. Yep...these are the same comics as the 77 series, minus 6. This series marks the end of the long running and often reprinted original Bazooka Joe's by Wesley Morse.

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